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Shared Values

Together we want to face the challenge of a Europe which is rapidly becoming more secular, which is resulting in far-reaching changes in the texture of European society. In light of those changes, how should we live and share the Good News in the 21st century?

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Shared Projects

From the St James Way to joint youth ski camps to a summer university planned for the summer of 2013, we are working on collaborative ways to be "on mission" together. Watch this space for events as they are planned.

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Shared Resources

You and your church have needs. You likely have skills and competencies that could help others. Here we try to match those needs with available resources. Have a look to see how you might be able to participate.

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A ministry cooperative, facilitating joint initiatives - both big and small - to see the Gospel spread across Europe.

You can join in!

Read through these pages to discover that which binds us together. If you share a common heart and vision, check out our Shared Projects to see how to take part. Look through the Shared Resources to see what is available - and ask what you might be able to share with others in the Charis Europe Network. 

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