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Our first encounters were designed for young adults. As the vision has grown, partners in the Network include European Grace Brethren churches, Charis Partners, Encompass World Partner teammates, and others of common heart and vision. The following are some of the key moments in our history so far . . .

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Young Adult Encounters

Two young adult encounters at the Chateau of St-Albain in France got the ball rolling. In 1989, "A Look Toward the Future" brought together young adults from Germany and France to strengthen their faith, reach out, and dream about how they might impact Europe.

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The Love Your World conferences also began at the Chateau of St-Albain and then spread to London, Paris, Berlin and Porto. At each conference, Europeans challenged young adults from across Europe to be "on mission" together - wherever they lived.

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In February 2008, leaders, evangelists and church planters joined together in Germany to thank God for the birth of European "Charis" churches and to ask the question, "Would You now have us do something together?" The unanimous answer was, "Ja !" "Oui !" "Sim !" "Si !" "Yes!" So the next question was "What?" A six-member vision workgroup was set up, to give shape and propose initiatives for the budding network.

b36155 691a0c71b39771cfd67e82e18b2697b6.jpg srz 160 120 75 22 0.50 1.20 0.00 jpg srzEaster 2012

At the Chateau in France, three groups - church leaders, Charis Partners, and representatives from Encompass World Partners - met, prayed and agreed to take concrete action steps to make the Charis Europe Network a reality by partnering together on mission.

Our shared prayer is to see more and more and more Europeans on mission in Europe.

Our shared vision is to be disciples intensely and make disciples intentionally all across Europe. To Jesus be the honour and glory!