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Shared Projects

Shared Projects

We believe that as we work together, we can do more to see the Gospel spread. Both locally and across the continent, we desire to launch missional initiatives that will impact European society in significant ways. 

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​Hosting groups on the Camino

A pilgrimage route for many centuries, the St James Way draws people from all over the planet each year. And it affords almost limitless opportunities to initiate spiritual conversations with those who are seeking. Teams from across Europe and abroad are organized each summer to help at the Pilgrim Refuge near Porto and to walk along the Camino, to meet people and help them take the next step toward Jesus. If you want to join a team or work at the Refuge, let us know using the Contact page.

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Europeans on mission across the continent

Mission doesn't only happen abroad; it also happens here at home - across this continent which has a long heritage of contact with Christianity. And yet, many are yet to understand the true message of the Gospel. As a Network, we want to recruit and support Europeans who are on mission in Europe! Send a message through the Contact page, if God is moving you to be or support a Charis partner!


Some partners who travel to other parts of the Mediterranean basin are seeking to build a spiritual retreat house in a city where conservative Islam is present. They need prayer for the first phase of the project, which is acquiring a piece of land. To find out more, use the Contact page - and we can get you in touch with the partners involved.​​

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What projects are you passionate about?  

Have an idea that could change your local area - or have an impact on a larger European scale? Others in our network are ready to help. Share your project and let's see if we can make it happen together! Use the Contact page to let us know.